Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why businesses need strategic planning?

The fact is that most small businesses fail to grow because they lack a strategic plan to realize their vision. And if that were not distressing enough, another fact that plays a part in this failure is the lack of effective implementation once a plan is developed.

Without a proper business strategy planning your business has no direction. Strategy maps where you want to go to. You can do your business without strategy, but the results are not what you want.

Strategic planning involves creating a strategy that your business is going to follow over a defined time limit. This can be for a particular department of your business, such as planning a marketing strategy, or as an integral part of the company.

Strategic plan is necessary for a small business which must contain a step-by-step instruction on how to achieve the set goals and objectives. Strategic planning is the notion, as a general rule, a "solution" to many business problems.

Many mid and small size businesses mistakenly believes that strategic planning is only for large corporate houses that can have enough money, the time and personnel to develop a sound business plan. Within hours, you can create a good draft of working plan that help keep you on course to becoming a solid competitor.

Strategic planning is to determine how your company can provide a realistic possibility, taking into account the environment and resources. If your company is successful and grows, it is important to be served in sufficient time to determine what is best for the company in accordance with the requirements of the existing resources. Check out the basic concepts that will make your business strategically positioned to develop in the direction you want it to go.

Even if the individual strategic plans may differ in some details, here are 10 basic elements, which are included in the plan:

• Identify your mission, your vision and your values
• Carry out an analysis and resource assessment
• Set your goals and objectives
• Decide your strategies for achieving your objectives
• Perform your action planning
• Make your organization and staffing plan
• Increase an operating budget
• Create strategic tools to evaluate and quantify progress
• Identify the support needed to accomplish your mission
• Communicate your strategic plan to the entire organization

One of the keys to winning strategic planning is to engage everyone in the business, to some degree, in the planning process. Employees are very important to the effectiveness and success and only the business owner is not efficient to implement the strategic plan.
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